I started taking photographs when I was in school using film. Later, when working in IT, I saw the start of digital photography and realised immediately that was the future.

I own a Nikon Digital SLR, and a Lumix Panasonix Mirror-less camera. Sometimes I take photos on my mobile phone. I process images using Capture NX2 (for Nikon RAW) and Luminar 4 (for Lumix RAW); and sometimes Photomatix or Aurora (for HDR).

We lived in Solihull for nearly 30 years where I joined the Solihull Photographic Society. I am still a committee member and maintain their website and social media. Having moved to Droitwich Spa, I joined the Droitwich Arts Network. I am the Hon Treasurer, and organised Droitwich ArtsFest in 2017 and 2018. 

You can contact me by email at rhys@photomaestro.co.uk

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